Voksi beebipesa Moon Grey

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Voksi beebipesa Moon Grey
Toode Voksi beebipesa Moon Grey
Hind 126.00 €
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Toote kood V-3271002mg
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A comfortable and familiar place to rest

First of all, the Baby Nest isn’t a bed – we didn’t design it with sleeping in mind. What it does provide is a safe, comfortable and restful place for your baby to lie. It also keeps them close if you find it easier to settle or feed while lying together.

Whether you’re at home or travelling, the Baby Nest gives your baby their own cosy place to watch the world go by. It also gives busy parents flexibility while still making sure your baby feels at home wherever you go. So, when your little one is not in your arms, place them in the Baby Nest on a flat surface and it’s ready to be used for baby rest time, your hands-free time or play time.

Safe, portable, adjustable

The Voksi® Baby Nest uses a unique combination of materials and is designed to grow with your child. Some of the key features include:

  • high quality, soft materials of Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, Class 1
  • all washable parts
  • grows with baby – simply open the leather belt and fold out the extension piece for more space
  • firm but soft mattress which supports baby’s back and neck and meets the European standard (EN-16890) in regards to firmness
  • available in a range of soft, soothing colors
  • comes with a practical travelling bag




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